Life's too short

…for bad software. Most people seem to have put up with the fact that software never exactly does what it is supposed to do, always is implemented too late, but in return is a lot more expensive than originally planned.

Are you as tired of bad software as we are? We at Systrion are dedicated to making your daily life a little bit easier by creating software that a) works, and b) does exactly what you want it to do. We're not talking standard software or ERP package and "you really have to adapt your ways of working in order for the greater good of our standard software implementation" here. No, we're talking about you wanting to do your daily work in the most efficient way possible, and probably having some ideas how great software could help you do just that. To bring the fun back into work, because you can concentrate on what really matters, and not on re-entering the same data multiple times in multiple systems. For example.


Clear focus on customer value

Whenever we develop software for you, the result should match your expectations, or even better, exceed them. We follow the newest trends in IT, but are not addicted to them – if a new approach does not entail a measurable added value for our customers, we will not apply it.


We are able to do a lot of things, but not everything. Whenever a requirement exceeds our current skillset, we will clearly tell you so. In that case we will also tell you whether we have partners who can supply the required know-how in a quality comparable to ours, or if we can build up that know-how ourselves within a short time frame. Then you decide if you want to continue that project with us.


Listen, listen, listen, inquire, listen

The beginning of a software development project starts for us with listening. We want to understand exactly, what your requirements are. How you envision the finished product, what the programs are supposed to achieve. And also, in which context the programs will be used. What might change in the future. Once we feel that we have understood, we will summarize our understanding in our own words. And listen again, in case there are amendments or revisions.


Short cycles, fast results

Even if we pride ourselves to listen closely to your requirements, we think that you should see results fast. Even if it is only a small step on the journey to the final product. You should quickly be able to test work results from us. In order for you to see how we work. In order for us to get quick and permanent feedback from you. So that you and we find out quickly, whether we really have the same understanding of what was said. Also we want to be able to react fast if requirements change.


When may we develop something for you?

Give us a call for more information.