Data Transfer

A smooth data transfer is almost as important and self-evident for the operation of modern companies as the reliable supply of water. And even though that is true, there continue to be problems at the interfaces between companies or systems. Just as if the water would be filled into big buckets at the public services company, put on trucks, be delivered to the company gates and then be poured into the local water pipes.


The reasons for this are manifold: Different transfer methods, file formats, record sets, code pages – whichever part one takes into account, each one can be designed in a variety of ways.


Once you have successfully figured out the transfer route for the data from system A to system B, you find out that the information doesn’t match semantically. For example system A may very well send an order, however system B requires a couple of additional values for the order to be valid in its context – values that may have to be taken from system C. The devil is in the details, and a smooth communication requires thorough planning and execution of the respective programming.


Decade long experience with integration projects

Since its inception in the year 2000, Systrion has successfully been carrying out projects in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) area. Whether more than 200 production sites across Europe had to be linked for the implementation of a European buying organization of a packaged goods manufacturing company, wholesaler data had to be collected and consolidated (also Europe wide), or the world-wide SAP® systems of an automotive supplier had to be connected with several shop-floor, recipe and production planning systems – Systrion ensured in every project that the data was available in the right format, language and standard, at the right time and in the right place.

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