Our team consists only of young people. Young in body or young in mind. Or both. We do have colleagues that still know how to program in Cobol, Fortran IV, Turbo Pascal or even Assembler for 80286. They are still as relentlessly searching for the best and newest ways to write that perfect code as they were when they disassembled their first Sinclair ZX80. And a lot of times, that experience does make a difference. And then there are the ones fresh from university, bringing in new perspectives and a natural way of working with new media and user interfaces.


But our diversity doesn't stop there, of course. We don't care if our people are young, old, boy, girl, black, white, red, green or a mix of all. Neither do we care about their religion, their country of origin or their favorite soccer club (well, there, on second thought...). You get the picture. However we do feel very strongly about our set of values that form the basis for our work with customers, partners and colleagues.

Systrion's Management

Wolfram Koller - Founder and CEO

When Wolfram founded Systrion in October 2000, he had been working for 7 years at Hewlett-Packard and for 4 years at Andersen Consulting (nowadays called “Accenture”). During those 11 years he worked as an IT consultant, implementing SAP® and all kinds of other IT systems across Europe. Later he was responsible for HP’s SAP® business in northern Germany. Before all that, he got a diploma in physics. He started his studies in Hamburg, continued for a year in Montpellier in southern France, and finished in Heidelberg. After his studies he went back to Hamburg, where he’s been living since.


Wolfram is happily married and has a daughter and a son. Whenever he’s not busy with his two main hobbies (family and Systrion), he loves to unwind reading, playing the guitar, doing photography or listening to jazz. During winter time you find him every once in a while on one ski slope or the other. During summer time in one ocean or the other.