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GS1 Certified GDSN Data Pool

Our Data Pool prootec contains all the in-depth knowledge about product information and product master data management that has already shaped the development of the Master Data Repository, the Data Quality Engine, and the Connectivity Engine of our PIM synfoxx. The underlying architecture is based on state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure technologies and was developed together with Microsoft.


This means for you:

  • State-of-the-art, future-proof, geo-redundant architecture for maximum flexibility, performance, and reliability
  • Always up to date thanks to updates that we perform immediately whenever things change in the GS1 GDSN
  • Seamless integration between our PIM and Data Pool due to uniform data models and processes
  • We got you covered – eeverything you need for your product information management along the entire supply chain
  • Reduction of complexity, coordination efforts and costs

With the extension of our product offering through our modern GS1 GDSN Data Pool prootec, Systrion now provides “product information management à la carte” from a single source, with substantial benefits for manufacturers and retailers alike.

Systrion has been in the market for over 21 years, with our employees bringing a lot of practical experience to the party. They have previously worked for food manufacturers, trading companies and GS1, as well as HP, Microsoft, and SAP to name but a few.

With our solutions we focus on master data management and data quality management. Already in 2015, we laid the foundation for data quality in the German branch of the GS1 GDSN, when our software was the platform for the DQG project of GS1 Germany, continuously testing the data quality of over one million products from 2,500 producers and distributors.

All our solutions are provided in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and can thus be used immediately without any installation efforts or large capital expenditures.

Also, they all work together smoothly without any additional integration effort. With the Data Pool, the PIM, and the Digital Asset Management module, you get all the components you need for an enterprise-wide Product Information Hub from a single source. Furthermore, our solutions can be connected to many standard systems such as SAP or MS Dynamics via APIs or other interfaces.

With prootec,  we offer a data pool for participation in the GS1 GDSN, which was already certified by GS1 at the beginning of 2021.

prootec’s architecture and Microsoft's Azure environment as the underlying platform ensure the highest security standards, reliability, scalability, and global availability 7x24.

Of course, prootec also offers all the standard functionalities of a GS1 GDSN data pool. The data can be entered into prootec either manually or via machine-to-machine (m2m) interfaces.

Manual entry is supported by extensive functions like a full-text search as well as a search for attribute names, a multilingual user interface, support information according to GS1 compendium, a copy function, automatic versioning including version comparison, and much more.

To achieve high data quality, a check is already carried out when data is stored, and the results are displayed immediately.

To organize your company's internal master data management, we offer our PIM synfoxx.

Like prootec, synfoxx is part of Systrion's concept for a Product Information Hub with which a comprehensive master data solution for all data sources across all departments can be set up modularly.

We are happy to give you an individual demonstration to find out what synfoxx can do for you.

Here are a few additional questions we get asked frequently:

Do I have to pay for updates?

No! We are constantly updating our software, adding new features and templates, and this is all included in the monthly fee!

Do I need to install anything?

No! We built synfoxx and prootec so you don't need an entire IT department to get your Product Information Hub up and running and manage your product master data! Simply log in with your favorite browser and start working right away!

Is my data secure?

Yes! Security is our top priority and we developed synfoxx and prootec completely in-house to ensure that all your data is safe. You don't have to worry about any easy-to-compromise "plugins" not being up to date.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

Call us or send us an e-mail, we will be happy to help you! Our contact details can be found in the footer or on our contact page.

Can synfoxx and prootec handle high loads?

Yes! Since synfoxx and prootec are hosted on one of the largest public cloud clusters in the world (powered by Microsoft Azure), we have virtually unlimited possibilities to scale in real time. Whether you process 100 or more than 100,000 products, it won't slow us down!

Who owns the data & the content?

YOU! All content is 100% your property. We have no permission to use this content or to contact your users for any reason that is not intended to provide the agreed service. synfoxx and prootec are only tools for YOU to manage YOUR data!

Can I also operate synfoxx or prootec myself?

No, synfoxx® and prootec are provided as "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS). We do this so that we can ensure that you continuously receive all updates and new functions and that your software and interfaces always work smoothly.

Do I have to re-enter the data when switching to prootec?

No, the data will be transferred from your previous pool.

Will the current trading partners continue to receive the data after switching to prootec?

Yes, your trading partners will receive the data as usual after the change.

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