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12. April 2018

Zur Mühlen Group opts for synfoxx®

Master data management and the exchange of master data with customers is an important topic, especially for very large companies, which still has potential for optimization. The entire zur Mühlen Group therefore now relies on the solutions and competence of Systrion AG.



The zur Mühlen Group is one of the leading companies in the meat and sausage industry in Europe. It includes the most popular sausage brands Böklunder, Könecke, Redlefsen, Schulte and Plumrose. In Germany, the group of companies is number 1 in the self-service and canned sausage market.

Product master data is collected with synfoxx®/p and can be automatically sent to all customers via the data pools in the global GDSN network, if necessary after validation of data quality.