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05. September 2022

High data quality for satisfied customers

Dairy frishli changes the data pool for its GS1 GDSN  communication of product master data and will in future rely on prootec, the data pool from Systrion AG


The frischli company is one of the most modern and efficient dairies in Germany. The owner-managed company has been producing high-quality dairy products for over 120 years. frischli also placed high quality demands on its future access to the GS1 GDSN network. The choice fell on the new cloud solution prootec from Systrion AG. The change of the data pool went smoothly; starting immediately, frischli is sending the product data to its business and trading partners via prootec.

“Our goal is the highest possible quality of our data. They must be complete and correct. At the same time, of course, we want to keep the effort for maintenance and distribution as low as possible,” explains Frank Stickler, Head of Customer Service with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. "Systrion is a specialist in product master data and has great references. We need good and reliable results. That's why we chose Systrion AG as our partner and solution provider."

As one of the leading dairy companies, frischli markets its products both nationally and internationally. The prootec solution supports this orientation, since it covers all target markets and enables the communication of product information with trading partners all over the world.

More than two million liters of milk are processed at frischli every day. A large number of products for different market segments are created from the milk. As the number of products increases, so does the complexity and effort involved in maintaining and distributing the product master data. Here, prootec supports frischli, since all trade-relevant product information is consolidated in a single data source and only needs to be maintained once in there. The high-quality data is then distributed to the business partners from this central location. Frank Stickler is pleased with the new quality of data communication: "In prootec we can see at a glance, even before the data is sent, whether there are any errors and where we need to correct them." As a result, frischli now provides better master data, which leads to smooth logistics and satisfied partners in retail.

“The switch to prootec as access to the GS1 GDSN was quick, easy and completely smooth. We are extremely satisfied!” reports area manager Frank Stickler. Thanks to the forward-looking cloud solution from Systrion AG based on Microsoft Azure, frischli has all the options for further expanding its master data management and is taking a big step towards harnessing the potential of the ongoing digitization.