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18. July 2019

With synfoxx®/dpe to more productivity in customer management

The synfoxx®/dpe solution significantly improves the efficiency of the exchange of master data information between trade and industry via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). This is also the experience at Unilever in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here, the previously used SAP-based data synchronization was replaced by the modern synfoxx®/dpe platform from Systrion AG.



In the solution previously used, additional data had to be loaded manually, and complex data checks and adjustments to the system configurations had to be carried out in many individual work steps. This complex process was error-prone and no longer up-to-date. In addition, the supply of customers with current product data was delayed.

With the now installed SaaS solution synfoxx®/dpe, the data flows fully automatically from the source systems SAP and PRISMA into the worldwide GDSN network and thus directly and immediately to Unilever customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, depending on availability.

An innovative highlight of the new concept is the data quality engine from Systrion AG, which checks all products in advance using the GS1 validation rules. In this way, no incorrect data is sent to the food retailer and other customers. This is particularly important for Unilever, which has been offering very high data quality to its customers for many years. The feedback from customers on this is correspondingly very positive.

synfoxx®/dpe is already being used successfully by many other customers of Systrion AG, also internationally, and ensures the smooth digitization of master data processes for the benefit of the entire supply chain from manufacturers and retailers to consumers.