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The new, affordable GS1 GDSN data pool for all target markets
Validate and consolidate data: Search for doublets, map internal to external data, consolidate secondary sales data and more
Product Information Management: connect web shops and internal systems, own attributes, individual product passes

Data Quality Engine

Reporting Engine

PFS Export

DAM Modul

GS1 GDSN Interface

Connectivity Engine

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Individual Attributes

fuzzit - validate & consolidate data


fuzzit reliably supports companies with their data hygiene - existing duplicates can be easily identified and cleaned up. In addition, fuzzit can be integrated into the master data process in such a way that no new duplicates can arise. This is data quality management from the start.

fuzzit at a glance

Lightning-fast pattern recognition

through clever algorithms

Custom-fit fault tolerance

exactly customize the margin of variance you want to tolerate

Individual analyses and reports
tailored to your specific needs
Software as a Service (SaaS)

all you need is an internet browser 

Your data? Secure!

the data is transmitted via secure connections

Monitoring, Reporting, Business Intelligence
detailed reporting of technical as well as business or functional information

Data Consolidation
Master data cleansing with similarity analysis

fuzzit/dc is used to clean up existing master data. Materials, customers and suppliers can be checked for duplicates quickly and efficiently using automatic grouping. The consolidation of several complementary sentences in a new golden record is also done in one operation. This means that several hundred thousand records can be processed quickly and with quality checks.


Mapping Automation

Automated assignment of items and customers

A data exchange with business partners requires clearly identifiable items, customers, suppliers, etc. fuzzit/ma ensures automated assignment for different identifiers. Even if the article number or the customer number are different, fuzzit/ma can find a match based on its similarity analysis and save this as a mapping. This significantly improves potential analyses, reimbursement payments and field service management.

Norbert Obier

Sales Director

As a customer, you receive the following services from Systrion:

  • Individual functional adjustments (as part of your contract)
  • Comprehensive introduction of your employees to fuzzit
  • Excellently trained support and consulting staff
  • Continuous software developments and update releases

Contact us for more information!

Individual advice
Together with you, we determine your needs and identify potential for efficiency in your master data infrastructure.
Analysis & Configuration
After analyzing your business processes, we configure fuzzit and set up the required interfaces.
Strategy & Organization
Depending on the situation, it may make sense to also deal with your strategy and organization in the area of ​​master data.
Implementation & Service
Once implemented, fuzzit quickly leads to a sustainable improvement in your master data situation.


It works for our customers across Europe. Contact us for more information!